Best Friend For Hire Reprise, Entry 226

“James, coming?” asked Alma as she waited outside the limo.

My brother squeezed my shoulder, probably trying to be comforting, so I looked at him long enough to roll my eyes. He’d probably tease me for a month if he realized how frightened I felt. I knew that we’d be fine. Even with James and Alma strolling away, we had more than enough to take care of a few zombies.

Everyone in the limo watched as James and Alma strolled down the street. The two casually approached a set of people closer to the cemetery, who lunged at them the moment they got close. The zombies disintegrated immediately. The other set immolated and turned to ash as well. Then James and Alma continued out of view.

“Woohoo! So exciting.” one of the twins flatly stated. She looked annoyed about staying behind.

“You knew she’d take all the fun.” the other one pointed out, looking equally bored.

“Which one are you?” asked Brandon as he pointed to the second speaker. He was grinning, and I hoped he hadn’t decided to start hitting on them again. That never went well.

“Oh, sister… he can’t tell us apart!” whined the first one, placing her arm to her head dramatically.

“That one must be Ai.” claimed Emma with a grin as she pointed at the first speaker.. “She’s always a touch meaner.”

“Mean?” claimed the first one. “I am Ai, but I’m offended you’d call me mean.” She reached out and grabbed Emma’s hands. “Aren’t we friends after all this time together?”

“I’m your friend too…” started Mai, but she suddenly looked around before finishing what she was saying. “Fog!”

She was right. A mist was rising up from the ground, surrounding the vehicle. I followed as they exited, not willing to stay behind.


I stepped out of the limo just behind sis, reinforcing my muscles and bone as I moved. If we were in for a fight, I wanted to be ready. We all waited in silence

“We’re surrounded.” stated Mila as she stepped out from the front of the limo.

Ai and Mai glanced at one another, and the fog suddenly pushed back at least a hundred feet, revealing scores of zombies shuffling toward us. Portentia rushed forward, twirled her weapon, and relieved numerous corpses of their heads.

“Keep cutting!” exclaimed one of the twins, Ai maybe.

The headless corpses continued to move, trying to reach Portentia. I stepped in front of Brenna, not wanting her to get hurt. A fire flashed through the first couple rows of zombies in front of the limo, and I caught sight of Emma hopping on top of it. Vines shot from her arms, wrapping up the zombies on the opposite side and continuing into the ones out front.

I turned back to the ones in front of me, kicking as one got too close. With my enhanced strength, it went flying backward. Brenna ducked under my arm, and I saw a couple of the zombies catch on fire.

“You need more energy in it!” exclaimed the twin I felt was Mai. “Make the spell as intense as you can manage.”

Her sister was unleashing fire all over. Glancing around, I felt we were doing fairly well, till more zombies started coming out from the houses. The DB5 sped forward twenty feet, and I heard the sounds of its guns unloading on the zombies. Knowing Mila could handle whatever came from that way, I focused on what was in front of me.


I grabbed my sister’s hand as I saw a spell forming to our right. The necromancer was on us! We used our combined strength to quickly create a counter, redirecting a blast of lightning into the zombies and guiding fire around others.

We quickly found ourselves straining to block all of the spells fast enough and felt a moment of relief as two missiles shot from Mila in the direction of the necromancer himself. The man had been grinning, as if he was toying with us, but he snarled as he moved inhumanly quick away from the missiles.

Time seemed to freeze as our minds raced together, shocked by the dark energy shooting from the necromancer into the vehicles. We screamed Jarod’s name as the DB5 was ripped apart, but Mai caught sight of two seats shooting up over the car, carrying Jarod and Cosette safely away. As the energy turned on the limo, we unleashed everything we could at the man. Our spells slammed into a shadowy mass and fog surrounded us once more. We knew instantly that this was an illusion, so we continued our bombardment of where the man was, knowing we couldn’t dispel this without finding the source. There wasn’t time.

“Portentia!?” called Brenna, gazing in the same direction as our spells. One of her arms hung at an odd angle, cradled by the other.

We refocused on the nearest zombies, hoping Portentia managed to catch the man. Mai wanted to chase after Jarod as much as I did, but we couldn’t leave the others alone here. I assured us both that he could handle himself as we continued our fight.


“Cosette!?” I yelled.

“Still here!” she replied, looking at the fog below us.

“Just making sure you’re okay.” I told her, receiving a smile in return.

“How are you?” she asked.

I shrugged. My mind was racing at what just happened. I hadn’t been prepared for the sheer number of zombies or the incredible display of magic between the twins and that man. I hoped he was the necromancer only so there weren’t two such skilled men working against us.

Knowing what I was trying to avoid, my mind spun images of the car being shredded just after we were launched out of it. I felt the tears on my face ant immediately attempted to bottle of my feelings. This wasn’t the time. I needed to remain calm.

Funny thing about slowly drifting back into a warzone with no control: I didn’t feel remotely calm. The fighting was continuing most of the way down. I could hear talking shortly after, though I couldn’t make out what people were saying at first. I quickly wiped my face as I heard one of the twins call out to me.

“Coming!” I replied.

“Mila ejected us!” exclaimed Cosette.

I couldn’t tell how she felt, but I doubted I looked half as calm as she did. When we touched the ground, James appeared next to me, helping me out from the parachute and seat.

“Are you okay?” he asked, looking from me to Cosette and back.

I shrugged before saying, “Mila’s gone, man. Something cut right through her.” My voice cracked, but James needed to know.

“What happened? The necromancer?” asked Alma, appearing next to him.

“I don’t know. Everyone was fighting. Mila started shooting into the zombies after they started coming out of the house. Then there was magic seeming to shoot from everywhere. Mila fired missiles into the areas with the spells, but then I got shot up into the air. Being ejected from a car isn’t nearly as fun as it looks.” I explained, the words rushing out of me. I fought back tears as I looked to the wreckage by us, bits of the cars everywhere. “But look at her… Her hardware’s destroyed.”

James simply nodded, looking grim. Then Alma ordered everyone to escort Brenna to the hospital, giving us a cover story. The twins protested, but they didn’t put much effort into it. We all started walking, and I noted there was a brace around Brenna’s arm. Did they do something for the pain as well? She seemed okay, despite everything. On each side of me, I felt one of the twins wrap an arm around me, leaning against me. They never really liked Mila, but they understood I was hurting.


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